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Celebrating 75 years of Independence

The Cycling Club of Baroda celebrated 75 years of Indian Independence with a group ride on Monday, 15th August 2022.

Riders started to assemble at the Bird Circle on Race Course Road as the clock ticked closer to 5:30 AM. Everyone was huddled together under the cover of nearby trees for a bit of respite from the monsoon drizzle on an early Monday morning.

Spirits were high with riders greeting each other as they looked forward to a fun group ride, a great start to a public holiday.

A peloton of 35 riders flagged off from Race Course and picked up another 10 riders across the city as the group moved towards the Halol toll road.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the rain drenched ride towards Halol while in the company of friends and having realised that today's ride wasn't about speed or cut-off timings, rather it was all about their shared joy for cycling.

Everyone took a well deserved short break at Hotel Sarvottam, Halol which was the turn-around point for today's ride that also allowed stragglers to catch and re-group.

Riders resumed their journey back towards Vadodara after a quick cup of chai as the weather started to clear up.

The return leg saw the riders enjoy even more with many smiles captured by amateur photographer - Burzin aka "Buzz".

Cyclists finished the ride back where they started with a few more club members joining in for a hearty breakfast around 9AM.

Most riders completed at least 75 Km of cycling today to specially mark 75 years of Indian Independence and express their national pride.


Blog written by Raghu Vishal

Event poster artwork by Divyajeet Singh Rathore

Photographs shot by Burzin Mysorewala and Raghu Vishal

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Awesome ride! Great turnout despite the rains. Keep it up TCCB!!!



Very nice, that's the spirit of *The cycling club of Baroda*....

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